Mejor, hablemos del tiempo

porque como me tires de la lengua…

Recomendados de 2011

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Recomendados de 2011 – 20102009200820072006


[goEar] West Side Story OST – I feel pretty
[goEar] Duck Sauce- Barbra Streisand
The Ting Tings – That’s not my name
Santogold – Say Aha
Placebo – For what is worth
Placebo – 20th Century boy
Lady Gaga – Born this way
Kasabian – Where did all the love go?
Kasabian – Reason is Treason
Kasabian – Underdog
Kasabian – Vlad the Impaler
The Hives – Here we go again
The Hives – Little more for little you
The Hives – Find another girl
The Hives – Hey little world
The Hives – It won’t be long
The Hives – Puppet on a string
The Ting Tings – Greatest DJ
The Sounds – Tony Le Beat



Daniel Tammet – Born on a Blue Day
Peter Bentley – The book of numbers
Christopher Moore – A Dirty Job
Oliver Sacks – Seeing voices
William Goldman – The Princess Bride
Oliver Scott Card – Ender’s game


Películas y series

[imdb] The Curse of the Jade Scorpion (sile, pero en VO)
[imdb] Inside Job
[imdb] Community (serie)


Juegos en Flash

Cursed Treasure Level Pack
Tower Attack


Written by descatalogado

2011/01/23 a 11:07 am


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